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Number 1 in Romania in the field of water engineering.

Adiss contributes to the sustainable future of Romanian communities by solving water problems. We understand that we are responsible for humanity's most precious resource. We see water as an integral part of the environment, a heritage that must be protected and preserved. Everything we do is to provide the necessary framework for sustainable water management.

sewage treatment plants

communities served

connected residents

liters of purified water daily

We believe in integrity, commitment, collaboration, performance curiosity.

About the team

These values ​​are sincerely assumed by the whole team. They brought us together, kept us together, and continue to guide us every day. At work and in our lives.

Integrity is at the heart of things. We are honest and fair with our customers. We keep our word and act with common sense according to our beliefs.

We take full responsibility for the work we have to do. Each of us proactively contributes to the success of a project.

We encourage a working environment based on collaboration, mutual help, respect and understanding. We grow and develop together, like a family.

We have high standards in everything that defines us. We do not compromise. We aim higher to achieve performance.

We keep ourselves curious, open-minded and active, out of a desire for continuous improvement. For us, Adiss is a learning space.

Engineer, designer, technologist, consultant, automatist, accountant, worker, seller, manager, we are ready for any challenge. Together.