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Septic sludge treatment

In the case of decentralized wastewater treatment, septic sludge is produced and needs to be evacuated, collected, and centrally treated. Whenever possible, this is done at a centralized treatment plant with sufficient excess capacity. If such a facility is not available nearby, a special septic sludge treatment station can be built.

Septic sludge must be pre-treated to remove disturbing solids (eg debris) and heavy solids (gravel and gravel).

Mechanically pre-treated septic sludge is dewatered in the sludge receiving equipment. After composting, the treated septic sludge can be applied as fertilizer and for soil improvement. The filtrate resulting from sludge dewatering in a membrane Bio-Reactor and we recycle the effluent as process water (wash and spray water). Surplus effluent can be reused for irrigation.