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Engineer - Sales / Commercial

The ideal candidate

  • Strong organizational and planning skills for managing activities.
  • Capability to understand and manage the workflow across multiple projects within a commercial sales department.
  • Mandatory design experience of minimum 1 year / Experience over 3 years is an advantage but not mandatory
  • Attitude is more important than experience, if you have the right attitude you can achieve anything, we support you
  • Driving license category B ( mandatory )
  • English or German language ( not mandatory )

Job description

  • Technical analysis of client requests: Assessing technical requirements to ensure all aspects are considered before proposing a solution.
  • Analysis of offers received from suppliers: Checking and comparing proposals from different suppliers to ensure alignment with the company’s technical and commercial standards.
  • Selection of the optimal technical solution: Choosing the most efficient and cost-effective technical solution that meets project and client requirements.
  • Preparation of documents for tenders: Preparing all necessary documents for participation in public or private tenders, ensuring compliance with specific requirements.
  • Preparation of techno-economic offers: Developing proposals that combine technical and financial aspects to illustrate the value and benefits of our solutions.
  • Monitoring launched offers: Tracking the progress of offers sent to clients and adjusting the sales strategy as needed.
  • Promotion and sale of products: Effectively representing and promoting the company’s product and service portfolio in the market.
  • Negotiations with suppliers: Discussing and negotiating with suppliers for more favorable terms, cost reductions, and improvements in the quality of products and services offered.

It is a big plus

• Speaking a foreign language of international circulation
• Developed sense of responsibility, sociable, adept at team work
• Autonomous person capable of bringing innovative ideas

Company description

Adiss is the Romanian engineering company specialized in the field of water treatment and purification. We are here to give our customers the vision to design sustainable solutions and the determination to build them. Years of pioneering water have taught us that it takes equal measure of full responsibility and flawless execution to harness humanity's most precious resource.

With 28 years of experience in Romania, we can solve any problem in the water field. We are among the only Romanian manufacturers of compact stations and process equipment, which allows us to be with our customers unconditionally. We design and produce, develop solutions, manage projects, offer consultancy, provide service, operate stations, deal with everything that means water treatment and purification. In recent years, we have also been a general contractor for some works.

For more details, go to

You are invited to submit your CV:
• at the company headquarters in Tautii Magheraus str. 66, no. 16, Jud. Maramures (near Baia Mare airport)
• by email at or call 0748.060.061 for more info