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Tautii Mageraus, Maramures

9.000 equivalent inhabitants

Built on carousel type technology, the treatment unit from Tăuții Măgherăuș has a maximum flow of 1438 m3/day, being able to serve the communities of Merișor and Bușag. We contributed with the delivery of the equipment from the station, assembly and commissioning of the station, right at our home.

Topoloveni, Arges

7.100 equivalent inhabitants

As a general contractor, I had full responsibility for the construction of the Topoloveni sewage treatment plant located on the banks of the Cârcinov river. This station is based on a classic mechano-biological purification technology with sludge stabilization and processing.

Husi, Vaslui

35.000 equivalent inhabitants

We rehabilitated and expanded the sewage treatment plant, being responsible for the design, execution of mechanical and electrical works, automation and commissioning. With a water flow of 7644 m3/day, the station works on classic technology with concrete basins and includes 3 purification stages.

Deta, Timis

7.089 equivalent inhabitants

For this station, I acted as general contractor. The unit is built on SBR system technology, with biological reactor with sequential feed. A particularity of this station is the automation in that the purification phases are completely managed and controlled.

Calan, Hunedoara

7.400 equivalent inhabitants

Serving the old town, the new town and the village of Criseni, this station comprises a mechano-biological wastewater treatment flow with activated sludge through prolonged aeration and a sludge processing line resulting from this process. I performed the contract as a general contractor.

Costesti, Arges

4.700 equivalent inhabitants

Located on the banks of the Teleorman river, near Pitesti, the treatment plant from Costești receives waste water also collected from Buzoești commune. Taking over the project as general contractor, we expanded the existing station for a maximum flow of 2041 m3/day.

Isaccea, Tulcea

5.000 equivalent inhabitants

This treatment plant has the peculiarity that, inside the biological pool, the denitrification and nitrification processes take place in the same space intermittently. What we did as an associate: partial design, execution, assembly, commissioning and commissioning.

Bumbesti, Gorj

7.800 equivalent inhabitants

The treatment plant from Bumbești uses a mechano-biological technology in the RBC system — with rotating biological contactors. The station has a low energy consumption for the aeration process, as this system does not require blowing air with the help of blowers. We did the execution and commissioning.

Macin, Tulcea

10.000 equivalent inhabitants

Built on modular system technology, the compact sewage treatment plant from Măcin has two technological lines with 3 modules per line. The unit is designed for a maximum flow of 1579 m3/day. We executed, put into operation and brought the station into parameters.

Madaras, Harghita

12.950 equivalent inhabitants

A sewage treatment plant with a mechano-biological stage and a maximum flow of 2231 m3/day, this unit is being built by us as a general contractor. We used combined basins in the form of concentric circles, which reduces hydraulic paths.

Delphi, Iasi

3.000 equivalent inhabitants

This compact treatment station performs the treatment of domestic and technological water from Delphi Diesel Systems Romania, using a technology in a modular system with advanced biological treatment. We also took care of the service for the maintenance and maintenance of the unit.

Tetarom, Cluj-Napoca

12.000 equivalent inhabitants

For the Parc Industrial Tetarom III platform, we built a compact, turnkey, containerized sewage treatment plant. The facility uses advanced biological treatment technology. The clean water, after leaving the treatment plant, flows by gravity into the Someș river.