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Complete range of Scraper bridges

Longitudinal Settlers

Scraper Bridge for Sand Separator with Grease Separator

Scraper bridge with blades

Bridge scraper with suction

Circular Settlers

Scraper bridge with blades

Radial Suction Scraper Bridge

Diametral Suction Scraper Bridge

Weirs for Settlers

Gravity Thickening Tanks for Sludge

Comb-type thickening bridge

Primary settling is designed to capture gravitationally settleable suspended substances that have passed through sand separators and grease separators. The retained substances are referred to as primary sludge. The materials retained together with the primary sludge include suspended solids and organic substances expressed as the five-day biochemical oxygen demand (SS and BOD5). Secondary settling aims to capture the biologically produced sludge in activated sludge basins and separate the sludge from the treated water. Secondary settlers are positioned downstream of the biological treatment.

We have 20 years of experience in sizing, designing, and manufacturing a complete range of scraper bridges for primary and secondary settlers with diameters up to 60 m.