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Slaughterhouses, butcheries, or meat processing

Milk and dairy product processing

Fish processing

Breweries, wineries, or other beverage industries

Production of semi-finished or canned goods

Kitchens, canteens and fast food

Cosmetics, textiles, pulp

Chemical, petrochemical, metal processing or galvanizing industries

Land remediation, waste or wastewater treatment

Other industries

Process water is necessary in many production processes as a solvent. Water is recycled and reused for economic and environmental reasons. Oil, fats, floating solids, suspensions, sedimentation materials, and dissolved components need to be separated to ensure good and uniform water quality. Recovering a valuable product from water can be an additional objective.


– Extensive experience with lots of installed flotation units
– Made entirely of stainless steel
– Standard compact sizes for various applications
– Chemical treatment stage is optional