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Water and engineering

Adiss is the Romanian engineering company that specializes in wastewater treatment and water treatment. We are here to offer our customers the vision to design sustainable solutions and the determination to to see them through. Our extensive experience in water management has shown us that achieving success with humanity's most precious resource requires both full responsibility and flawless execution.

With three decades of experience in Romania, we have the expertise to address any water-related challenges. As one of the few Romanian manufacturers of compact stations and process equipment, we stand firmly by our customers. We handle everything, from designing and producing to developing solutions, managing projects, offering consultancy, providing services, to operating stationsβ€”all encompassing waste water treatment and water treatment.

Continuous improvement

We focus on creating high-quality solutions through our design and construction processes. Our ongoing efforts are directed towards refining our compact station concept. Guided by the founders' vision, we persistently work towards achieving technological excellence. Our journey is dedicated to continuously enhancing water engineering with confidence.

β€” The only Romanian manufacturer of compact containerized sewage treatment plants with its own technology
β€” Internal equipment renewal programs
β€” Strict quality control: ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001, leisure and impact study for compact stations

Leadership in Romania

For three decades, we have been involved in ambitious projects within the country. We know the Romanian challenges in the field of water and we are ready to meet them. We encourage a work environment based on collaboration and mutual help. Together with our customers and partners, we are constantly trying to raise the industry standards.

β€” Water pioneers in Romania
β€” The first company that facilitated the exchange of experience between Romanian operators and European companies
β€” 25-year partnership with global leader Huber
β€” 20 years of awards in the competitiveness chapter


Our team is ready for any water engineering challenge. Vertical integration allows us to competitively approach turnkey projects. We are always ready to solve the customer's needs, acting as a manufacturer and equipment supplier, mechanical and electrical subcontractor, general contractor, consultant or service specialist.

β€” Consulting
β€” Design
β€” Production
β€” Management
β€” Sale
β€” Montage
β€” Optimization
β€” Monitoring
β€” Service
β€” Operation
β€” Training
β€” Rehabilitation

Concern for the future

We strongly believe that water management is a critical skill in the 21st century. We understand that we are responsible for public health and environmental protection. That's why we're dedicated to building future-proofing solutions that work for our customers and the communities they serve. Cleaner water means a secure future.

β€” Sustainable technologies and solutions
β€” Organizational culture based on integrity
β€” Supporter of local environmental needs
β€” Contributor to the education and development of young people

Flawless execution

Bold visions need absolute rigor to become reality. We build our solutions with the best people and integrate the best technologies. Our engineering knowledge enables us to implement projects quickly and efficiently with scientific precision.

β€” Engineers and specialists with over 30 years of experience
β€” The latest technology flow design and simulation software programs
β€” Modern factory of 3,500 m2

Our mission

To contribute to the sustainable future of communities by addressing water challenges

Ensuring a sustainable future by taking responsibility for water, humanity's most precious resource, is at the core of our mission. We view water as an essential element of the environment, a heritage that demands protection and preservation. Our endeavors are dedicated to establishing the essential foundation for sustainable water management.

We engage collaboratively, recognizing that this is not merely a job but a collective effort involving our clients and collaborators. Our focus on communities is underscored by the fact that each station serves a population. Rooted in Romania, our commitment extends to our place of origin, residence, and future. Embracing challenges, we approach every project as a new opportunity to find innovative solutions

Our vision

We are here to give our customers the vision to design sustainable water treatment solutions and the determination to build them. Full accountability and flawless execution.

We strongly believe that water management is a critical skill in the 21st century. That's why we're dedicated to building future-proofing solutions that work for our customers and the communities they serve.

For 30 years, we have supported the most ambitious projects in the country. We know the challenges in the field of water in Romania and we are ready to meet them. Much remains to be done to develop and maintain water treatment infrastructure.

We strive every day for a future where water is used wisely as a precious resource. With great respect, scientific precision and immense responsibility towards people, public health and the environment.