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Surface Water Treatment

The experience gained over the years in water treatment and purification allows us to dimension, design and manufacture compact, containerized turnkey stations. We are confident that our stations represent the most competitive value for money offering, all with minimal operating costs.

The solutions are made and tested by our team in the factory near Baia Mare. The stations are easily expandable, the biological modules can be put into operation depending on the water flow. For water treatment plants, we exclusively use stainless steel for the submerged parts of the process equipment, a material resistant over time. Water quality is guaranteed in accordance with European and Romanian standards or those requested by the customer.

Compact water treatment and filtration stations

The basic process applied for the physical-chemical treatment of water can be extended with several stages of chemical treatment and subsequent filtration. The stages are chosen according to the desired quality for the water, each retaining a certain category of pollutants.

To obtain drinking water, we can design compact containerized water treatment plants from natural surface sources or borehole water. A flexible, efficient and durable option, designed and built for maximum safety in obtaining the parameters pursued. We emphasize process engineering to accurately understand raw water source characteristics and local conditions. We aim to develop high-performance treatment solutions for further trouble-free operation of the plant.

Our compact water treatment units incorporate the following processes:
1. pH adjustment
2. Coagulant dosing
3. Homogenization
4. Polymer dosing
5. Flocculation
6. Sedimentation by settling
7. Granular Media Filtration (SF)
8. Disinfection by chlorination
9. Process control and visualization through PLC, SCADA

Screening systems with fine screens

Pre-disinfection with ozone, UV, hypochlorite

Primary sedimentation processes for turbidity > 100 NTU

Coagulation processes

Oxidation with permanganate or hydrogen peroxide

Air purification and aeration

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)


Hydro-pneumatic flocculation

Filtration with self-cleaning filter

Activated Carbon Filtration (ACF)

Washing water recovery


Disinfection with ozone, UV