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Good cost management maintains the efficiency of a station in the long term. We find opportunities to increase the performance and decrease the costs of the water treatment or purification process. Together, we can achieve the expected return on investment. We solve cost-effectively, quickly and safely any problem we take on. Guaranteed.

The condition and age of process equipment has a major impact on plant costs, reliability and productivity. We offer a comprehensive package of services that ensure the perfect operation of the equipment and improve the performance of the technological process. We have the ability to work with products from any manufacturer.


Design and consulting

We are a full service provider of design and consultancy for municipal and industrial water treatment and purification plants.

– Feasibility studies
– Approval documentation of the works of
intervention (DALI)
– Cost-benefit analyses
– Technological projects
– Technical projects
– Consultancy in the technological process

Consultancy in the rehabilitation of equipment or stations

It can often be more cost effective to renovate something existing than to buy or build something new. Our specialists provide a detailed technical analysis in the field, including an economic evaluation and a customized offer of solutions and equipment.

Installation and commissioning

We ensure the rapid installation of equipment and their efficient operation, complying with all legislative requirements.

Financial solutions

Certain equipment can be purchased in installments instead of paying the full amount upfront.

Process equipment

Audit and consultancy

Our service consultants come on site to evaluate the operating parameters of the process equipment. We recommend the necessary steps to operate within parameters and the optimal measures for reliable operation at low operating costs.

Equipment maintenance

Preventive maintenance is cheaper than reactive repair. We offer a wide range of customized service packages for the maintenance of process equipment.

Repairs on site

Fast and reliable repair services by experienced on-site people, enabling you to minimize downtime by getting your equipment up and running.

Repairs in our factory

We can perform general repairs on process equipment from any manufacturer. We repair products quickly, professionally and economically. Thus, the lifetime is doubled at a lower price than the purchase of a new equipment.

Upgrade equipment

Where possible, process equipment can be upgraded for continuous optimal performance.

Spare parts and their logistics

Our service team is available for advice and support in choosing the best original spare parts, wear parts or consumables for your process equipment.


Monitoring and supervision

We offer monitoring and control solutions that can be combined to meet your process monitoring and management requirements.


It is the ideal solution for customers who want to allocate their resources to their core business, but enjoy fixed maintenance costs, reduced risk for unplanned breakdowns and full compliance with environmental, health and safety requirements. Equipment remains in good working order with the lowest possible maintenance costs.

Operation and maintenance

Our engineering experts can manage all processes for the operator and determine how to improve them.

This may involve minimizing inefficiencies, implementing energy saving technologies and improving control methods.

24/7 service

We have the experience, products and services needed to effectively manage equipment service or the entire process, anywhere and anytime.



We transfer know-how to clients' employees.

Their knowledge of equipment maintenance, monitoring and control, inspection and auditing means greater station safety and productivity at a lower cost.


The training and technical support part of Adiss includes operator training and process equipment training by our experienced and qualified engineers and technicians.