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Retention treatment equipment

Longitudinal separators

Circular separators

Complete system for screening, retention treatment, desanding, and grease separation

System for washing/dewatering/transporting retained solids

Scraper bridges for sand separators

The separation of organic matter from mineral materials or other types of retention increases the reliability of the treatment process. Good retention separation prevents operational problems such as sedimentation in aeration tanks and digesters. It also reduces wear and tear on equipment such as pumps or sludge dewatering plants by avoiding clogging of pump suction lines and sludge lines.

We can supply any sand separation application, including complete and compact installations for the mechanical wastewater treatment stage. Based on our experience, we can design a complete custom sand treatment system for you.

The final product of the treatment of coarse retentions is a valuable, secondary raw material that can be reused and recycled with a high degree of dry matter (>90%). Thus, the process is more profitable for the plant operator.